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“Skipper Kendrick is probably the most seasoned, knowledgeable and effective Industrial Safety expert I have ever met or relied on during my career within Aerospace Operations. Skipper is that rare leader who seamlessly integrates exceptional expertise with exceptional communications and interpersonal skills. In any session Skipper leads, the audience can be assured of gaining the highest caliber of information served in a pleasing and effective environment. I would highly recommend Skipper in any consultation, subject matter expertise, system design, or leadership role associated with Industrial Safety, Hygiene, or related activity.”

—M.K., Sr. VP Ops, Aerospace

“I just wanted to thank you again for being my catalyst towards my view on safety. I have taken a lot of your training and leadership and applied many new ideas at my work. I took my new approach to safety and I made it an everyday focus for my employees. I realized that my safety system wasn’t very good because I wasn’t putting very much into it. I have taken a new pragmatic approach to safety and it is paying dividends already. So again, thank you for being an inspiration and mentor to me and helping me achieve some of my career goals. I still have a lot to learn and look forward to learning more from you in the future.”

—D.M., Plant Mgr.

“Yesterday I had the opportunity to use methods you shared at February’s Seminarfest. I was pleasantly surprised to see the effects of “talking their language” had. I was visited today by the President, Sr. Accountant and the Operational VP—a first. 
“I want to thank you for a very interesting and informative week. You are the best in the business and it was a pleasure to hear that our values are shared.”

—D.V., Division Safety Manager, Hawaii

“Skipper is one of those rare individuals who not only loves the work that he does, but is a subject matter expert as well. His ability to catch the attention of his audience as he guides, teaches, and problem solves is second to none.”

—M.H., Mgr. Automotive, Canada

“WOW! What a fabulous set of courses! You have more wisdom, insight, common sense and understanding packed into these two courses than I could have imagined. I have taken many Safety Engineering courses (taught by PhDs) in Graduate School, but none have had the scope, depth and profound implications of what you are teaching. It was a delight to be your student and hope you will be teaching some more classes in the future. These courses could easily be expanded in an entire academic program.”

—R.R., Safety Engineer, California Municipality

“Skipper is an enabler of people. He has a keen awareness of the abilities of others and provides the environment for them to be able to be successful and expand their abilities. He also has an understanding of operations and can interface at all levels of an organization.”

—B.W., Safety Process Manager, Aerospace

“From the very first time I met him, I knew he was one of those special individuals that had ability to teach and motivate – from senior leaders down to equipment operators—in anything safety. He has been very highly recognized for his efforts in the safety field, and I can say first hand that they are well deserved.”

—C.M., Director, EHS-Manufacturing

“Skipper is one of the best presenters I have ever worked with. He has an amazing ability to engage the class/audience and blends complex topics with storytelling to make even the most mundane topics come alive. Skipper is a recognized expert in all aspects of health and safety by his peers.”

—M.M., Director, Manufacturing and Technology

"A truly amazing teacher is hard to find, it is difficult to part with, and you are impossible to forget. You make me feel authentically supported when you say, “Please let me know if can be of help” and genuinely mean it. Also, the times you express to co-learn with me rather than teach me, made me feel like a partner in my learning experience, when it is so easy to feel like ‘a sponge that can only absorb.’ I know you have so much to share, but I love how you openly articulate how much I have to share as well and how much you learn by engaging with me!

As an educator, your title can ensure a role of heightening my knowledge in academics. However, you see me not as one of the many students you have, but instead you value me for my uniqueness and strengths. You promote an environment where I feel like I am able to not only share my contribution, but also know it is actually considered and appreciated.

Thank you for being genuine. Thank you for seeing me as a partner in learning and sharing. Thank you for being you. Thank you for teaching our class and helping us through the learning process. May you inspire others to achieve the greatness you have.”

—PA, Safety Director, TX




“At our Symposium, Skipper went beyond the numbers to explain the “glue” that holds our processes together. Skipper masterfully explained the relationship of personal interaction and genuine concern to affect dramatic change in your culture. Skipper’s passionate message and transparent genuineness resonated with everyone in our audience, truly an exceptional human being and speaker. I would heartily recommend Skipper for your event.”

—Vice President of Bakersfield Chapter ASSE


“I wanted to take the time to thank you for your help in teaching ‘Safety Management I’ this past month. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the wisdom and experiences of others as well as listen-in on the stories that your years of work have allowed you to see. I look forward to applying the knowledge gained wherever I am within the Safety Industry I, and I’m sure as well as many others, am grateful to have you as a resource and look forward to taking more courses offered by ASSE.”


—D.B., Program Manager, Research and Laboratory

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